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Our Orphaned Puppies and Dogs for Adoption

Our shelter NOW sells all the products you need to train your dog successfully. We carry a wide range of Dog Crates for Housebreaking and Problem Behaviors such as chewing and destructive behavior. The crates are cheaper than the pet stores... so please consider buying your crates from us and support our orphans as well.

Looking for a puppy?
Pet stores in the mall and on the internet are hoping that you will be an impulse shopper and buy your puppy from them. Pet store puppies come from puppy mills which abuse and neglect the dogs they keep and produce unhealthy puppies for sale ... lots of unhealthy puppies.

Our shelter does not sell dogs - we adopt them ...there is a BIG difference...

Adoption Application/Contract Adoption Application/Contract - Review the form that you will need to read and sign when you come in to adopt an animal from us.

new.gif (908 bytes)Homebound Hounds Rescue  why our shelter is rescuing puppies from Virginia. 

Our shelter can NOT hold any pets and we can't take deposits and we can't do adoptions over the phone. You must BE HERE to adopt...If we have the opportunity to place one of our orphaned pets we must do so, to make room for others. 

All dogs are spayed/neutered and up to date on all shots before they leave the animal shelter. Even the Puppies?

All adoption fees are subject to change without notice.  The shelter does reserve the right to charge more or less (i.e. purebreds, puppies, special medical conditions, etc...)

We accept Cash, VISA, MasterCard, or Discover for adoptions
(We Do Not accept checks)


  1. All animals will be spayed or neutered before leaving the shelter. Even the Puppies? Average cost $125-$300.
  2. All animals will have updated shots. This includes Rabies average cost $15 per vaccination. Distemper average cost $15 per vaccination. Wormed if necessary average cost $10-30 per worming. Shots total $50+.
  3. All animals will receive one free PHYSICAL with a participating vet. Average cost - $40.
  4. Dogs will get a leash and collar if available. Average cost - $10.
  5. Cats will leave in a cat carrier. Average cost - $10
  6. Any toys or personal belongings the animal came in with.

If you price out the cost of the above. The range is $200 - $300. Our adoption rates are extremely reasonable! As a matter of fact you are getting the animal for free.

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